Cosmetic Surgery – The Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is a miraculous nine months in which a woman’s body creates an entirely new being. As wondrous and as joyous as these times can be for a woman and her family, pregnancy can also take its toll on a woman’s body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the breasts, abdominal region, legs, and many other areas of the body.

After devoting your body to 9 months of pregnancy and likely several more months, or even years, if you are breastfeeding or having more than one child, you have likely, at some point, wished for your old body back. This is a completely normal feeling to have.

Some moms will turn to a healthy diet and exercise to regain their pre-pregnancy body while others may try various vitamins and natural supplements. Still, others consider cosmetic mommy makeover surgery.

The Mommy Makeover, as it’s commonly referred to, is now offered by many plastic surgeons across the nation. After realizing that new moms have several requests when it comes to cosmetic surgery, they have packaged these services together to help moms get what they need in one fell swoop of surgery. This one-session surgery usually involves the following:

• A tummy tuck
• Breast enhancements, such as a lift or an augmentation
• Fat removal via liposuction

A mommy makeover addresses the pregnancy-related changes to both the abdominal region and the breasts. In addition, it can also be combined with cellulite treatments, skin tightening, and the elimination of stretch marks.

A Doctor Explains the Procedure

Cons of a Mommy Makeover

If your budget and desires allow, a mommy makeover may be the perfect cosmetic treatment for your post-baby body. However, combining these procedures leads to a long time in surgery. This in turn lends itself to a greater risk of complications.

The longer a patient is under anesthesia for any surgery, the greater the risks become. However, a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck are common procedures to group together, and usually only take between three and five hours, which most surgeons and anesthesiologists agree to be a reasonable and fairly safe amount of time.

The Tummy Tuck

The midsection of a mom takes a beating for pregnancy and childbirth. It’s stretched and experiences weight gain and weight loss. As we age our stomachs also tend to change shape. Even after strenuous dedication to working out, many moms are unable to change their abdominal regions for the better. This is where the tummy tuck comes in handy.

A tummy tuck surgery can provide permanent restoration to the abdominal region and remove any loose or unwanted skin. An incision is made near the pubic bone as to hide the scar once it is healed, in bathing suits and underwear. If you have a scar from a previous C-section surgery, your plastic surgeon should be able to use that same scar and not cause another.

Through this incision, your plastic surgeon can tighten the abdominal muscles and remove small pockets of fat via liposuction. After these two steps, the excess skin can be cut off and removed.

There are many different procedures that can be used for a tummy tuck. Your plastic surgeon should discuss with you your goals for plastic surgery and determine the best ones for you.

Breast Enhancement

The breasts also see various, and usually not so positive, changes related to breastfeeding and pregnancy. Many women notice their breast lose their shape and elasticity. Their once firm breasts are now saggy. Breasts are largely affected by hormones, which cause the breast tissue to deflate when the hormones decrease.

Getting an augmentation with implants or simply having a breast lift can help counteract these negative changes. Moms can get back the breasts they had prior to pregnancy and breastfeeding, or even choose a different size or shape. Implants are available in both silicone and saline.

A breast lift will provide a long term solution to sagging breasts and loss of breast volume. However, simply lifting the breast may not solve all of your needs. An implant can help you recapture the shape of your breasts before pregnancy.

It’s important to note that a breast lift can leave behind more scars than a breast implant. Depending on your surgery goals and needs, you may want to go right for an implant. Removing excess skin can also help improve the overall appearance of the post-baby breasts. You should discuss the goals of your breast enhancements with your surgeon in order to get the look you desire the first time.

Fat Removal

Liposuction will remove fat from various areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs, and breasts. However, it alone does not help stretched out muscles or excess skin. That’s why fat removal is best used in conjunction with the other parts of a mommy makeover, like breast surgery and a tummy tuck.

With fat removal via liposuction as the final touch, many moms can achieve a natural looking pre-pregnancy body they have dreamed about. Liposuction is the removal of body fat with the assistance of a form of suction. A cannula is placed under the skin, where the fat is to be removed and will be used to loosen the fat manually. Then the suction is applied to suck out and remove the fat permanently.

Finally, a mommy makeover can also help with stretch marks and unwanted cellulite. There are laser skin resurfacing treatments that can help with unsightly stretch marks left behind from your child-bearing years.

Your plastic surgeon can guide you as to the best way to remove your stretch marks, based on your type of skin, how deep they are and their location on your body. If on the abdominal region, it may be possible for stretch marks to be manually removed, or put in a different place down below the belly button, with the skin during a tummy tuck.

It’s recommended that you wait three to six months after giving birth and ceasing breastfeeding prior to visiting a plastic surgeon for a mommy makeover. If you plan on having more children in the future, it’s also recommended that you wait until you are completely done growing your family before having this surgery.

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